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 About Our Consignment Store

Our showroom is nearly 10,000 square feet with abundant natural lighting to showcase your furniture, and unlike other consignment stores, we aren't in the business of piling in as many peices as we can find.

Every consignment that we take is hand selected and displayed in lovely vignettes with other furniture and decor that naturally compliment one another.

Why spend the time and energy to display it? Because it ensures that your items don't get lost in the clutter, and it also gives our customers ideas about how they can use the furniture in their own home so your furniture sells fast!

How Consignment Works

  • Items are selected for consignment  based on quality, condition, style and season
  • Pricing for consigned furniture is based on national and regional resale market values
  • Certain styles of furniture also command higher prices, and some styles you'll have a hard time giving away
  • Because we're so selective about the furniture we consign, you can expect most of your items to sell in the first 45 days of consignment
  • The full consignment period is 90 days, and the price of your items reduces each month until the period has ended
  • The consignment split is 40/60, Consign and design will retain 60% of the sale price

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