How To Find Furniture Maker’s Marks and Manufacturers

A Maker’s Mark is a unique identifier that a furniture builders and manufacturers use to differentiate their furniture from their competitors or reproducers. Sometimes these marks are easy to find, and other times they’re more challenging.

What you want to look for is either a stamp or a plaque. Manufacturers who use an ID stamp to distinguish their brand may use ink or burn the brand onto the furniture, while other furniture makers attach a metal plaque etched with their name.

When looking for the marker’s mark on your furniture, the best places to look are on the back and bottom of the item, or inside the drawers. If you are having a hard time finding it, try pulling the drawers all the way out and checking the back, bottom, and side of those as well.


Another place to check is on the hardware or drawer pulls of the item you’re researching. Often times these can be used to determine a specific maker because many of them had decorative hallmark features unique to their brand.

However, at times it can be difficult to identify whether the hardware is original to the piece, and that can affect it’s resale value.